If you want to maintain Mangler packages for a specific Linux distribution, please let me know. There are too many distributions for me to maintain all of the various bug databases for each one.

SVN Layout

Package maintainers need to understand the Mangler SVN configuration. SVN is setup as follows:

  • branches
    • 1.0 will be the first branch created when Mangler is released (trunk will then become future 1.1)
  • tags
    • 1.0.0 will be the first release
    • 1.0.1 will be the first bugfix release in the 1.0 branch
    • 1.0.2 will be the second bugfix release in the 1.0 branch
    • … etc …
  • trunk is always the next pending minor version (i.e. if 1.0 is released, trunk is 1.1 dev)

Release Schedules

There is no set release schedule for point/bugfix releases.  Minor releases should occur around every 4 months or so.  Package maintainers will need to triage bugs from their distribution’s users and report bugs upstream in Mangler’s Trac if the bug is determined to be in Mangler.  If you are maintaining a package for a distribution, please register on Mangler’s Trac.


Unless there is a very serious bug, I will probably not backport patches myself.  Backports will be accepted as patches to the applicable version’s branch to get released as a point release.

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