A list of testimonials from various web forums:

“Ventrillo functions 100% under wine, mangler cannot possibly be more than 100% It would require effort to install it from source and then open a ticket for a problem I do not have in vent.” — Cipher Jones (EVE) on why Ventrillo [sic] in WINE is better than Mangler

“No need. Plus being in clans or scrims and league play…others use windows. They either use ventrillo or teamspeak. Mumbles is become more popular for TF2, but for css these 2 I listed are they only real options. Teamspeak ran through Wine Only, works perfectly. Crystal clear sound, no lag, and is completely user friendly. Thanks for link, but the world of css isn’t going to change for a few people using the black sheep OS.” — Aron (WINE HQ) on why no one should use Mangler

“We run vent when it’s what the majority of our team uses in windows. Since there is no linux version, we are forced to use wine.” — Michael Griffin (WINE HQ) on why he uses Vent instead of Mangler.

“I’ve tried Mangler and for some reason, it works even worse then Ventrilo. It crashes when I configure my output device while Ventrilo works.

With the recent updated (I’m on 1.1.41 amd64 now) my Ventrilo just broke – I can’t see any channels or anyone when I connect to a server. When I speak they can hear and see me, but I can’t see or hear them. Also I’ve got codec problems (with the 1.1.40 version of Wine I think). ” — Joško (WINE HQ) on why Mangler is worse than Vent in WINE even when considering the fact that Ventrilo doesn’t work at all in WINE

“I just tried Mangler and it seems very buggy. I couldn’t get PTT working at all, and clicking the transmit button crashes the program. I’m not sure what I need to do to get it working, but any help is appreciated.” — Justin (WINE HQ) on how awesome Mangler was 30 days after development started (version 0.0)

“I have it, but I’ve been using Ventrilo in Wine. Mangler appears to rely heavily on PulseAudio.” — Ranguvar (ARCH forums) on Mangler’s optional dependencies 5 months after ALSA support was added

“Maybe this has something to do with it: Testimonials | Mangler | A Ventrilo Compatible Client for Linux” — majorpay (androidforums.com) recursively illustrates why no one wants to work on the Android client.

“Thank you for the great app, but fuck you, you arrogant piece of shit, who has nothing better to do than put people down. If we want this world to change for the better, people like you should learn to be kinder to other people.” — SilverTeath (forums.mangler.org) on how Mangler developers are a bunch of assholes

<trench0r> now as I was saying, my neighbor’s dog has a four inch clit
<trench0r> I just got an eee pad transformer
<trench0r> b nice if there was a honeycomb version
<econnell> it doesn’t work on honeycomb?
<trench0r> I havent actually tried
<econnell> so you came in here to say that it doesn’t work on honeycomb even though you haven’t tried it on honeycomb?
<trench0r> did I say it didn’t work on honeycomb?
<trench0r> maybe you could learn how to read before you criticize MY intelligence
<trench0r> I just said it would be nice if it would, and if it does, then that’s nice
<trench0r> herp derp
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to econnell
* econnell sets ban on *!*[email protected]*.
* econnell has kicked trench0r from #mangler (trench0r)
<econnell> that fixes that

<I440r> ubuntu is for windows weeners who dont know and are incapable of learning how to use linux
<I440r> k abandoning mangler on linux, works fine on android tho :/
<I440r> wonder if vent will run in wine
* I440r has quit (Quit: Leaving)

— a typical gentoo user explains about how their audio subsystem is all fucked up in gentoo and it’s mangler’s fault. Plans to go the Wine route to address the issues.

In case your sense of humor is underdeveloped… this page is a joke.

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