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This page contains the latest status of Mangler for Android. Feel free to leave a comment if you think a phone’s status is different than what is listed here.


  • View users in your channel in a separate tab
  • Phantom Support
  • Global chat
  • Push-to-Talk
    • On-screen button
    • Configurable hardware button
    • On-Screen PTT button can be set as a toggle button in preferences
    • PTT can be configured to vibrate when activated
  • Send and receive pages
  • Text-to-Speech (enable each in preferences) notifications:
    • User logs in or out
    • User joins or leaves your channel
    • You receive a page
  • Set volumes for specific users (use the phone’s hardware buttons for master volume control)
  • Optional full screen mode
  • Optionally prevent the phone from sleeping while connected
  • Optionally force a specific display orientation (landscape/portrait)
  • Support for numerous character sets:
    • ISO-8859-1 (Latin1)
    • ISO-8859-15 (Western Europe)
    • ISO-8859-2 (Central Europe)
    • ISO-8859-5 (Ukrainian)
    • ISO-8859-7 (Greek)
    • ISO-8859-8 (Hebrew)
    • ISO-8859-9 (Turkish)
    • ISO-2022-JP (Japanese)
    • SJIS (Japanese)
    • CP949 (Korean)
    • CP1251 (Cyrillic)
    • KOI8-R (Cyrillic)
    • CP1256 (Arabic)
    • CP1257 (Baltic)
    • GB18030 (Chinese)
    • TIS-620 (Thai)
  • Admin Functionality
    • Kick users
    • Ban users (note: you cannot unban users from this client)
    • Move users to your channel
    • Globally mute a user
  • Martin
    #1 written by Martin 5 years ago

    The Program works Great just the only problems is that it wont allow you to change channels once you have entered server.

  • Fatboy88
    #2 written by Fatboy88 5 years ago

    Can you guys allow the camera button to work even if a phone is asleep?

    Thank you.

    • ekilfoil
      #3 written by ekilfoil 5 years ago

      This is not possible. Enable the “Prevent Sleep” option. Also, this request should have been in the forums. I only happened upon your comment by chance.

  • Kris
    #4 written by Kris 5 years ago

    Seems to have a problem sending voice from Samsung Galaxy S, even with the force 8kz, but can hear others just fine.

    • Kynolin
      #5 written by Kynolin 4 years ago

      I have the exact same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S (Epic). I can hear everyone crystal clear, but when I transmit it only works intermittently, and then eventually the PTT button stops responding completely, and I’m unable to transmit at all.

  • Devin
    #6 written by Devin 5 years ago

    With the last 2 updates it will no longer work with my Moto Droid. :(

  • Ken
    #7 written by Ken 5 years ago

    have problem sending voice on samsung vibrant. the audio get cuts out

    • econnell
      #8 written by econnell 5 years ago

      As always… none of us have a Samsung phone so we can’t test or debug it. If you’re looking for support, use the forums… We just have no way to test/debug that platform.

  • Zombie
    #9 written by 5 years ago

    I’m unable to download this on my htc phone for some reason it 404’s when I click the link to go to the market.

  • VentriloLover
    #10 written by VentriloLover 5 years ago

    Im willing to donate like $ 50 bucks, if we could get this working for Samsumg Viberant

  • Jeremy
    #11 written by 5 years ago

    Mangler works on the Droid 2!

    • stringSyntax
      #12 written by stringSyntax 5 years ago

      Did you have to do anything special to get this to work? I can’t seem to communicate with people in vent.

      • stringSyntax
        #13 written by stringSyntax 5 years ago

        nevermind it seems it was just bugged from changing settings while in a server.

  • Spec
    #14 written by Spec 5 years ago

    Yeah, I agree with ventrilo lover, a shame you don’t have any samsung galaxy phones (since epic comes out on 31st) I would purchase it.

  • VentriloLover
    #15 written by VentriloLover 5 years ago

    From reading all the comments, its not just the viberant, but the Galaxy S phones. If this is the case, tons of them, on every network have or are about to be released. Currently the viberant is like T-Mobiles flagship phone, and I assume its the same for the other networks. If the Devs could get ahold of one that would be great, I only suggest this is because this doesnt affect a small amount of users, but a fairly decent size.

    • econnell
      #16 written by econnell 5 years ago

      We’ve made a little bit of progress. For some reason, the Samsung phones do not support 32kHz record rates (but they do support 8, 16, 11.025, 22.05, and 44.1). This is helpful, but it really doesn’t get us closer to a solution since none of us have one.

      Also, the minimum audio buffer size on samsung phones is ridiculously high. This may be a large part of the problem.

  • VentriloLover
    #17 written by VentriloLover 5 years ago

    Thats great to hear, would a donation help this cause?

    • econnell
      #18 written by econnell 5 years ago

      Heh… not unless you’re donating a phone :). killy could use one, he’s on a G1. Actually, I might start a donation drive to do just that, check back often.

      • asvare
        #19 written by 4 years ago

        I would consider donating a Samsung Captivate if you think you could get the transmit sound issue fixed.

        • clearscreen
          #20 written by clearscreen 4 years ago

          Honestly I think that any of the ~4 android people (me, econnell, killy, maybe haxar) that we have would fix that issue (quickly) if hardware was donated.

  • VentriloLover
    #21 written by VentriloLover 5 years ago

    ya, id donate, id bet youd get a good amount

  • stringSyntax
    #22 written by stringSyntax 5 years ago

    I’m not sure where to write this suggestion so I’ll put it here.

    When someone sends me a page it would be awesome if a message could be put into the notifications drop down to let me know instead of a voice message. That way I could leave the app running, maybe even muted in the background.

  • Anthony
    #23 written by Anthony 5 years ago

    Love the application so far, it really comes in handy.

    I have an HTC Incredible and the first version I installed, which I think was the last Alpha was working very well, however, I just installed the latest update, which I think is the first beta, and there are issues with my voice transmission. Before it was pretty clear without any issues, now with the latest version it is a bit laggy, sounds way too staticy, and I get a really bad echo.

  • TehFoz
    #24 written by TehFoz 5 years ago

    After a bit of testing on my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, it works fine. Nice work guys.

    • egnalnayr
      #25 written by egnalnayr 4 years ago

      Hey, I have a friend having major issues involving his. How did you make yours work?

  • Shawn
    #26 written by Shawn 5 years ago

    This is awesome. Keep up the good work.

  • Jason
    #27 written by 5 years ago

    We gave you guys a shout-out on our blog. Keep up the good work. We tested your software out on our servers and everything appears to be working great with our servers and your application with the motorola droid phones we have around the office. This is going to help us be able to take our ventrilo server on the go!

    Again, thanks for the awesome software!

  • Navirio
    #28 written by 5 years ago

    Love it <3

  • glen
    #29 written by 5 years ago

    I have an HTC Legend with 2.1 I had the old version of the beta and when I went and updated to the new beta both were installed and I cannot get rid of the old one. How do I go about removing the old copy?

  • Dave
    #30 written by Dave 4 years ago

    It works great on my Droid X.

    My only complaint is that it does not work with my bluetooth headset when it’s paired. It’s more of a nice to have than anything.

  • Encognitoe
    #31 written by 4 years ago

    Works great on my Samsung SGH-i897 (Galaxy S) running kernel version 2.6.29 The only thing I would like to see is the ability to move users to any channel regardless of what channel you are in. Great work guys!

  • ladydeth
    #32 written by ladydeth 4 years ago

    Is there a way to have Mangler mute Vent when a phone call is taken?

    Even if there isnt, or wont be…..its still an awesome App and one I use very often.

  • Chris P
    #33 written by Chris P 4 years ago

    This works great. I listen to friends play music on it, and it works just as well as the desktop app for that purpose.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Debello
    #34 written by Debello 4 years ago

    Samsung Epic 4G is unable to find the host

  • Nofuneral
    #35 written by Nofuneral 4 years ago

    Is it possible to implement a “talk to talk” functionality? For cell phone users this would be incredibly useful.

    Thanks for the work so far!

  • chris
    #36 written by 4 years ago

    I have the epic as well and am having the same problems as evryone else. However, the app works perfectly fine with pandora running in the background. Seems the issue may be a buffer issu or something. Try it.

  • mack2000
    #37 written by mack2000 4 years ago

    Does anyone use with NeoRouter free? I was tried dynamic and static portforwarding , but not effect it. any idea?

  • Jamie K
    #38 written by 4 years ago

    I have been looking for a program like this for a long time. I just so happened to find it today when someone told me about it on Vent. This program works pretty good for me using WiFi. I have the Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) on Verizon Wireless. I am running Blackhole Rom DJ05 with Stupid Fast 1.5.4 kernel. Keep up the good work.

  • Kenetic
    #39 written by 4 years ago

    I would really like to see the bluetooth working…im a truck driver and hands-free is the safest approach behind the wheel….i have a ventrilo server and many ppl try to contact me but I refuse to use the phone while driving….i wish I had the source code for mangler and source code for bluetooth for android os….that way I could try to program myself on my downtime…..droidx is my equipment

    • econnell
      #40 written by econnell 4 years ago

      The source code for Mangler and the source code for Android are completely available. On your DroidX, however, you will not be able to install a custom version of Android.

      Unfortunately, a custom version of Android would be required for bluetooth support. The current API does not allow the usage of the bluetooth headset for recording or playback. You should be able to use a wired headset, though.

  • Kenetic
    #41 written by 4 years ago

    playback works….i have an app that allows playback…..only thing tho is developer will not release thier code….i think if they can access the bluetooth for playback…recording should also be obtainable….

  • Girz
    #42 written by 4 years ago

    Is there a way to make Mangler act as if it is in speaker phone mode? Am I over looking something obvious?

  • Random google user looking for this app...
    #43 written by 4 years ago

    Just a random user here looking for a ventrilo app for android.

    Huge thanks and two giant thumbs up guys.
    Downloaded up and running in seconds.
    Guys in my vent couldn’t tell I was on my Android, just sounded like I got a new headset.

    Again, awesome work, great app, much love.
    Thank you.

  • Moo
    #44 written by 4 years ago

    Got my Samsung Galaxy S II last week and tried out Mangler (as i played wow for a long time under linux) when it was already in the early beginnings — long story short awesome job guys as my guilds always refused to use mumble.

    Anyway to the topic my SGS II with preinstalled Gingerbread (2.3.3) has not a single sound issue with transmitting. So *thumbs up* good job!

  • Darkcon
    #45 written by 4 years ago

    works great on the sony ericsson xperia x10/x8/x10 mini/mini pro

    anyone know how to increase the size of the push to talk button?

  • Nitra
    #46 written by Nitra 4 years ago

    Some limited testing on LG P500. But no problems so far both sending and recieving.

  • Apok
    #47 written by 4 years ago

    Connection to server failed:
    Hostname lookup failed.

    is for??

  • chicote
    #48 written by 4 years ago

    Working well on HTC Glacier running Royal Ginger 2.1

    Voice actuation a future feature?

  • cajinboy
    #49 written by cajinboy 3 years ago

    I have a htc android incredible i just downloaded mangler i put server name host name port and password it sau conncetion server failed hostname lookup failed

  • cajinboy
    #50 written by cajinboy 3 years ago

    can someone help me out
    i have a HTC incredible i got the app form android market i did everything like it said i go to get on the connection server failed hostname lookup failed

  • norwal
    #51 written by norwal 3 years ago

    I’d love to try this app out but I get the good old “this app is incompatible with your device” message. Is it possible to make this compatible with an Armv6 phone please.

  • aniforce
    #52 written by aniforce 3 years ago

    Is it possible to add one more cyrilic character set or UTF-8 maybe. Because with this two: CP1251 (Cyrillic)
    and KOI8-R (Cyrillic), russian names and rooms are displayed incorrectly (not possible to read words) or aren’t displayed at all :(
    No other problems found ) Great software)

    (Sony Xperia S)

  • Markus
    #53 written by Markus 2 years ago

    Is Mangler compatible with small apps? If not it would be awesome to be able to use it in a small app so I can use Mangler while playing games !! :)

  • dn4cer
    #54 written by dn4cer 2 years ago

    Can you create an android port for BB10 please?

    BB10 currently runs a player compatible with Gingerbread apps (v2.3), but I’ve heard that work is currently being done to support Jelly Bean apps (v4.2):

    Converting the app is pretty easy too from what I’ve seen.

  • Dante
    #55 written by 1 year ago

    I have a few issues with this program.

    1. It does not keep you connected for a long period of time. When I go to sleep and wake up and go to it, it is disconnected…

    2. If you close Mangler from your list of running apps, it disconnects you from the server…it would be awesome if you could make it so it keeps running in the background like Ventriloid.

    3. Minor issue, when you press the back button when viewing the main server view, it disconnects you, instead of just closing or “minimizing” the app.

    Would be an amazing app if you could fix these issues,. It’s still pretty good, but not reliable enough to use for your main VoIP program

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